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Training Time

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Now the weather is improving, why not book a training session for your dog to deal with them lead issues before the summer.

Enjoy your dog and take them anywhere this summer, teach them basic manners round dogs and people.

Doesn’t matter what size your dog is pulling is unpleasant and uncomfortable.

session available daytime, evening and weekend.

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Getting a rescue dog

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When getting a dog think about a rescue dog.

Sort out what you want from a dog before you go.

Look at and consider which rescue you want to use  ie breed rescue, Dogs Trust or RSPCA to name a few.

Be aware it takes up to 3 months for your new dog to settle and they all need some training and patience.

Ask the rescue workers lots of questions about the dogs and go with your head not your heart.

Give a dog a ...

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Hidden dangers in food

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People like to treat their pets, but that could be a bad thing.

Feeding human food with hidden salt, sugar or additives can lead to problems medical and behaviour wise.

Bit of gravy, is full of salt that your pet can struggle to filter and cause early kidney/liver damage.

Bit of biscuit, sugar and salt in that.

Pizza crust another danger for your woofer.

Think before you  feed your dog anything, check what it has in it.

Keep them with you as long as you can.

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Hot dogs

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Even though it is not summer yet, a dog in a car can get hot really quickly.

Use kiddie blinds for your dog, put the air con on, make sure you stop on long journey’s for comfort breaks. Don’t leave your dog in a car unattended.

If you have a window down, don’t let them hang their head out, that is how they get eye infections.

Keep your dog safe and cool.

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Can you reduce stress for your dog?


Over noisy households, TV blaring out, arguments, crying babies noise can cause your dog to be stressed.

Over active households, kids parties, OCD cleaning, can do the same.

Boredom, not enough mental stimulation.

Turn the TV down, argue in another room, send the dog away for parties, clean but not obsessively and let them use their brain.

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Kids and dogs

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Having a dog when a child can be fab, games you can play, lots of love and cuddles.

Parents do need to educate their dogs and children on how to live together.

Make sure you never leave them alone unsupervised.

Make sure games are sensible

Have rules for both

Pick the right breed and character of dog.

Enjoy the memories.


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