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training classes

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Dog training classes should be fun, informative and with room for progress.

I love teaching classes from basics to fun stuff like agility and pet dog gundog.

Dogs and owners need the chance to learn round other dogs and owners.

Watch a class before you attend, check no aggressive dogs allowed.

see you at class


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Lead work

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Make walks interesting.

Change your route

Change your pace

Point out interesting things to your dog.

A bored dog is a pulling dog.


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Rescue dogs

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I love rescue dogs and giving a dog a second chance is great.

The rescue should check you out, make sure it is the right dog for you.

You should check the rescue out too.

Spend time over the decision and if you are unsure, then go visit the dog a few times before you commit.

No one will think less of you for taking your time over a decision.

Let give these dogs a chance!