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Ellie the final

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So Ellie is now happy and confident round dogs.

She can even stay in training while dogs run round and past her.

She is no longer scared or vocal around dogs.

She can listen to Mum when under pressure by strange dogs.

She was never a big problem, but important that is is the best she can be.

All her Mum’s hard work paid off.

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Ellie made progress, learning agility, but still was reactive if dogs came too close.

She joined the kiss/chase group.

This was dogs off the lead, playing run as a pack, so a top bitch ruling the group and was very interactive.

Ellie learnt to cope and change her behaviour.

The hard thing was for Mum to not react and walk away when needed.

Ellie learnt to go behind, interact and even politely tell off.


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The right dog

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When looking at dogs, rescue or puppies, please consider your lifestyle.

Your dog has to fit into your home and it has to be possible.

So if you are not an all weather walker, get a lower energy breed.

If you hate mess then not a mud monster or heavy shedder.

Please think first

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