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Agility is great fun for dogs and you don’t have to compete you can do it for fun.

You need a good recall and relationship a dog over 12 months and to be fit to run.

All breeds and mixes love it it is fun.

I love watching the dogs develop.

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Multi dogs

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If you have not had more than 1 dog before, make it easy ask for suggestions first.

Find out what breed/mix is best

Find out how to introduce

Find out what snags you may hit and how to deal with them.

Find out if it is for you.

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Getting a good start for your puppy is important.

Pre vaccination house visit can get the training started from when you collect your dog.

If the start is done right the chance of issues later is reduced.

If you are undecided what type of dog to get why not book a pre dog session for all you need to think of and what to do when you bring your puppy home.

Rescue or pedigree puppy or older dog get it right as early as ...

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Castration is not a solution for aggression and reactivity issues, it needs to be used correctly and as part of a behavioural programme.

Castration if used incorrectly can cause the issue to worsen and effect results.

Before you chop them off get a behaviourist advice.

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Dog walkers

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If you are looking or employ a dog walker, here are some tips

Make sure they are insured and CRB checked

They should be happy to come meet and learn what your dog needs

Make sure they offer what you want for your dog.

Decide if you want them letting your dog off or on lead only walks.

Do they deal with all breeds

Can they offer references from customers

Your dog is as valuable as a child so pick the best not the cheapest.