I have been a dog trainer/ behaviourist full time since 1999. My change in career started with the purchase of a GSD and attending old style classes. My dog developed behaviour issues and I was very uncomfortable with the solutions I was offered, which were harsh and aggressive.

In search of a kinder, better solution I attended a number of training courses which resulted in a change of career to dog trainer. There is nothing more rewarding for me than seeing a hooligan dog turned into a superstar and the effect it has on their owner.

Over the years I have had the pleasure to study with international experts  like Turid Rugaas, Ian Dunbar, Sarah Heath, Grisha Stewart to name just a few. Study is ongoing as research and new methods are developed all the time.

I have worked as a dog trainer/behaviourist at Dogs-R-Fun and then Mypetstop, in  west yorkshire. I have in that time developed a good relationship with vets who regularly recommend me as do rescue centres I have helped.

Currently I own three Italian Spinoni called Pickle, Tootsie and Jangles