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social walks and play dates.

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We all like to think our dogs love everyone and every thing. There is a point where your dog can cross the line into being a pest.

Running and jumping on every dog or person is too much. Playing with dogs for an hour or even half an hour constant without a break is too much.

Play should be a burst of play, sniffing, not constant wrestling and running with a dog. All play should be supervised in big groups and adult dogs should interact to make sure it doesnt get too much.

There are some good play sessions about and some that are teaching your dogs the wrong thing. Ask questions find out what training people have had to run these sessions. How many dogs to how many people, how they assess the dogs before they go in. How they stop issues from happening, what safety they have in place.

Your dog is important to you so find the best, go look for yourself and if not sure DON’T.


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